"What does a Sherpa do?"  An instinctive answer is "Serve as a guide and porter."  And while that's true, it doesn't capture what a Sherpa really does, which is to enable his client to achieve success - to achieve a result that would have been impossible without the Sherpa.  Being a guide and porter are activities - they do not capture the true essence of what the Sherpa does.

A Sherpa is defined by the result he delivers.  A bird flies.  Yes, it flaps its wings, but when you observe a bird overhead you define what it does by saying, "It flies" rather than "It flaps its wings."  The result of the action of wing-flapping is flight.  It is flight that defines what the bird does.

There are many activities in which US Consults is engaged in support of a client's objective.  They include research, analysis, communication, negotiation - all of these; but they are not "what we do."  Like the Sherpa, what we do is to enable our client to achieve a result that would have been impossible without us.

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