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Removing the Barriers to Competitive Advantage




If you require surgery, you see a doctor.  If you have a legal issue, you hire an attorney, even if you're an attorney yourself, for as the saying goes, "a lawyer who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

In mountain climbing, you hire a mountain guide - a Sherpa, someone who is familiar with the mountain, someone who knows the fatal traps, and someone who does the heavy lifting. 

Just as the collision of two tectonic plates lifts up the Himalayas, the intersection of the private and public sectors creates terrain equally difficult to traverse and conquer.  And in this difficult but rewarding territory US Consults is the Sherpa.

We know which mountains hide more mountains, and which lead to a lush valley beyond.  We know if there is a reward at the end of the journey and how to maximize that reward.

With us as your Sherpa, you will know your options, you will understand what is possible, and we will help you get it.  Because we know the enabling law, case law, tariffs and where the money may be hidden in budgets, we target and deliver what others consider impossible.  And we accomplish this without animus – through our regimen of exhaustive research and comprehensive analysis that is required to develop and communicate the effective raisons d'état and d'être. 

Time and again, we have used this process to deliver extraordinary benefits - strategy altering benefits -  many of which were unknown to our clients and even other economic incentive, tax, real estate, government, and  management consultants.  In many cases, the benefit can be a “game changer” - one that shapes both vision and strategy and enhances or even creates a competitive advantage.  All of this is accomplished while minimizing any client effort or resources in the process.  We truly are Sherpa.

For more information, feel free to schedule a free assessment online, email or call us.

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