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You hire a surgeon – you don’t operate on yourself unless there is absolutely no alternative.  That theme repeats in the old saying, “a lawyer who represents himself has a fool as a client.”

In mountaineering, you hire a mountain guide, a sherpa, who is familiar with the mountain, knows the fatal traps, and knows what awaits beyond.

We are the sherpa in the world of economic development.

We know which mountains hide more mountains, and which lead to a lush valley beyond.  We know if there is even a reward at the end of the journey and how to maximize that reward.

With us as your sherpa, you will know what is possible and you will then be gifted it as we – as the sherpa – will do the heavy lifting, and you – as the client – will enjoy the journey.

For all clients, this means that no stone goes unturned.  Because we know the enabling law, case law, tariffs and where the money may be hidden in budgets, we target and then deliver that which is considered impossible by others – if considered at all.  And we accomplish this without animus – through our regimen of exhaustive research and comprehensive analysis.

That enables us to deliver extraordinary benefits, which are genuinely unknown to exist to our clients and even companies that consider themselves to be our competitors.  The benefit in many instances is a true “game changer” - one that shapes both vision and strategy as well as enhancing or even creating competitive advantage.  All of this is accomplished while minimizing any client effort or resources in the process.  We act as adjunct staff.  We truly are sherpa.

So our services are invaluable to any client – private or public sector – regardless of its situation.

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