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"To Whom It May Concern:

US Consults provided outstanding consulting services during their time with Honeywell and brought with them expert knowledge, integrity, and a high-level of professionalism.

The work performed by US Consults was extremely valuable to Honeywell. More specifically, US Consults successfully negotiated large state incentives and assisted with compliance processes that vastly benefitted Honeywell. They were a pleasure to work with and provided consistent, timely, and quality work that was recognized and appreciated by Honeywell team members and leadership."

Andreas Kramvis
Vice Chairman

"...In short, the entire negotiating process was conceived, conducted, and managed by US Consults."

"...We found US Consults to be highly professional.  Their research entrenched approach to negotiations helped Hi-Tech build stronger relations with government, and resulted in awards that were highly valued by our company."

William J. Peters
Former CFO and Senior Vice President of Finance
Hi-Tech Pharmacal

Note: currently Chief Financial Officer, Treasurer, and Senior Vice President of Finance, Amphastar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

"[US Consults] has the ability to work with both the private and public sectors simultaneously, and finding the common ground that helps to facilitate cooperative working agreements which benefit both government and private enterprise."

Jesse Gonzales, Jr.

Former District Attorney

Former County Attorney

"Over the almost eight years we have been working with Paul (US Consults) we have found him to be a very creative and detailed thinker. The solutions he develops are typically innovative and unique and well researched. Paul works very hard for his clients and sees "no" as merely a challenge to overcome. He has extensive expertise in the economic development and tax abatement and incentive arena. He is a pleasure to work with."

Kirk Heaton,

Executive Vice President Sentry Financial Corporation


"[US Consults] was an extremely significant asset to Pepperidge Farm in [their] ability to analyze any function, business process, manufacturing process, legislative governance, or whatever it may be to bring innovative ideas and cost effective changes to the company; always delivering results. [Paul's] knowledge of all things was more than impressive. His ideas were cutting edge in that it was not always a business as usual approach but always a solid reasoning and procedural results oriented method resulting in positive impact to the company, no matter the task at hand.

I was privileged to have been able to work with [US Consults] on a project that not only brought hundreds of thousands of dollars to Pepperidge Farm's bottom line, but to also have instilled a more generous and giving outlook and continued committment by and from the Pepperidge family to foodbanks and like institutions across the country. It was the proudest moment so far in my 25 year career and Paul was the mind behind the project...

Those who have the opportunity to work with Paul, will greatly appreciate his mind, ideas and delivered results."

Laura Lyon
Chief Operating Officer

"[US Consults] has successfully obtained several government grants and energy cost savings programs realizing energy savings and capitol grants in excess of $1,000,000.00 for my company."

Ronald Bennett

Chief Engineer

UltraFlex Packaging Corp.

Division of TC Transcontinental

"I first met Paul Khanton in 2002 when we hired US Consults as our energy consultant for the Pecos County Commissioners Court. I was immediately impressed by his intelligence, vision and knowledge. Additionally, Paul’s patience, courtesy and understanding of human nature was remarkable; especially since he was able to manage the different personalities of four county commissioners and a county judge.

We at Pecos County cannot say enough about Paul Khanton and US Consults. He has played an instrumental role in bringing Pecos County to the forefront with state officials and financial institutions."

Oscar Gonzalez

County Commissioner

City Commissioner



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