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US Consults enables state and local government to enhance the welfare of its residents and businesses without cost to government.

Especially now, in this COVID Crisis era, we could be of immeasurable help - enabling you to avoid or unwind furloughs and/or curtailment of services as we deliver new revenue and other sources of funds so desperately needed.

And what we bring to the table is unique.  Throughout our decades of experience, we have been told time and again by clients that no other firm is as skilled at constructing financial solutions for government WITHOUT the need for legislative change.

As you look at the landscape today, it is easy to see a desert, a wasteland devoid of hope, an empty space without solution.  And as we are as the Sherpa in the mountains, we are the Bedouin in the desert - the one who knows how the sand drifts and what lies past the line of sight - whether it is a life-saving oasis or simply more sand.  We are also the Israeli in the desert - the one who knows how to transform the sand into a lush green landscape.

After reading this, you may be pondering the following questions:

1.  If we could enable existing local businesses to increase their probability for survival and aid their growth - and the growth of jobs - without adding to the existing tax burden of our local residents and other businesses, would we?

2.  If we could find a new source of revenue without adding tax burden to our local residents and businesses - and even reduce their tax burden - would we?

3.  If we could be gifted a year's worth of tax revenue, would we accept it?

4.  If we could compete effectively for new businesses and new jobs without adding to the existing tax burden of our local residents and businesses, would we?


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