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Almost every company employs tax specialists.  These are individuals that are well-versed and well-experienced in the tax code, whether federal or state.  Our company acts as an adjunct to your tax department and specialists, rather than as its replacement.  Rather than focus on precedent, we create the future’s precedent.  In short, we specialize in creating opportunities for our clients through discretionary, non-entitlement tax issues.  For example:


Property Taxes:  There are two principal methodologies we employ.  The first is the effective presentation of probative evidence, drawing upon our vast manufacturing and engineering resources to properly position property for economic, technological and functional obsolescence.  We do the research, obtain the vital validations of the calculations and present the argument to the taxing authority.  As we are extremely capable negotiators, we strongly recommend that we represent our client in the presentation of the probative evidence arguments.  The second method we employ is the utilization of specific “structures” for the creation of abatement and exemption opportunities - negotiating in most instances to create that which is enabled in law but not necessarily in program.  These “structures” include: enterprise and economic development zones, and P.I.L.O.T. (Payment In Lieu Of Tax programs) and similar mechanisms.  Also of note: Depending upon the structure, the future tax liability (20-30 years) can be monetized and delivered to the client providing cash-in-hand now without limitation for use.

Sales & Use Taxes:  Our experience has proven that there is a significant element of discretion used in determining exemptions for these taxes.

Income & Related Taxes:  We are expert in negotiating discretionary tax credits and rulings for our clients.


There are two principal methods by which our company can reduce a private sector client's tariff burden.


First: US consults can position and negotiate the goods for exemption or reduction.


Second: US Consults can negotiate a discretionary designation of a business enabling the business to mitigate tariffs through:

  • Local property tax exemption

  • Abatement of sales and use taxes

  • Tariff avoidance and inversion

  • Quota management

  • Duty drawback


In addition to the private sector benefits, US Consults can also utilize the tariff system to benefit local government not only by providing the benefits to local business, but also because US Consults can negotiate a royalty on the tariff savings to the benefit of local government.




US Consults will manage and provide the resources for the entire process.  We will prepare the proposals, including the writing of any narratives, etc., and negotiate with the requisite departments in the Federal government.  In preparation for both the proposal and the negotiation, we conduct extensive research to ensure that logic and arguments presented are supported by documented evidence - in short developing the raisons d'état and d'être.  We also solicit the support of critical endorsers for the process.  In short, we manage the entire process with minimal diversion of your staff’s attention.

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