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We negotiate discretionary government incentives for employment.  The incentives may be to hire a replacement, hire into a new job, retain an existing employee, promote an employee, or provide experience for someone who won't become an employee.  We've delivered significant benefits for companies remaining in place (status quo), remaining in place (with significant reduction in employment), relocating, investing and not investing.  The benefits include wage subsidies (up to 90% for 2 years), fungible tax credits, tax credits, and work trials (no wages).  We cobble together federal, state and local statutes and funds to maximize the benefit to our clients.  As these benefits are all discretionary, our experience and skill at developing and communicating the raisons d'état and d'être is absolutely essential in making the impossible possible for our clients - in both the private and public sectors.

As we've stated previously, what also is critical in maximizing these benefits is the discipline to conduct exhaustive legal and budget research - rather than accepting policy and program as the limitations on what can be done.



If a client has a training need, we are the true experts at obtaining the largest possible actionable funds for that purpose - having delivered literally millions of dollars in grants for individual sites.

Essential in our description above is the term, "actionable".  We are expert at understanding both the financial and operational consequences of a training program.  As such O.D. professionals have used us to design and then obtain funding for training within their organizations.  Our approach to design (and negotiations) is driven by those consequences - and so the training programs we design (or help clients to modify) are cash flow favorable or neutral (at worst).  There is a distinct methodology to accomplish this which we can share should you request.  

For Fortune 100 companies that made such a request, we have not only designed the training - unique and specific down to individual employees - but then implemented and administered the program.  That entailed three-shift training in validation documentation for supervisors, etc., as well as other coaching assistance.  It also entailed creating and implementing a training tracking system as well as the automated invoicing for grant payments (in states where previously they had not accepted self-generated documentation and invoicing).

We would be remiss if we only mentioned the training of existing employees (above).  We have been successful negotiating, establishing and implementing apprentice, co-op and intern programs (fully-subsidized by government) as well as pre-employment multi-month work trials also fully subsidized by government.  The value of the work trial program transcends the wages, for it insulates the employer from workers compensation and other possible claims.  Again, for more information please contact us.


Employment and Training benefits can be very significant.  A well executed program can provide millions of dollars in actual payroll savings annually for an employer with a few hundred employees.  For an estimate of the value to you - whether a business or government entity - contact us:

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