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Perhaps "HO-HUM" isn't the most appropriate term to describe our SOAR+ program.  If you've visited our CASE STUDIES,, MANUFACTURERS, OIL & GAS and other web pages, you seen that what we do is far removed from the ordinary - from the usual - from the Ho-Hum.

Most definitive in the difference from the ordinary is our focus and expertise - the intersection of the worlds of the private and public sector.  It is there that we create, develop, capture and deliver profoundly significant financial benefits to our clients.  It is a landscape that is alien to most and threatening to some.  To us, it is home.  


So we deliver benefits not by cutting jobs and quality, and not by simply reciting that which is policy or program.  Instead, we truly create, develop and deliver benefits uniquely - and without legislative requirement. 


So, unlike traditional management consultants, rather than interview your own employees to harvest the best ideas, we interview no one. 









For private sector clients, rather than simply audit taxes to see if you are taking by-right statutory exemptions and abatements, we negotiate discretionary abatements, exemptions, credits, exclusions and reductions.  Rather than regurgitate what is printed as by-right incentives - like some ruminant chewing cud - we are learned in the law and students of the budget, creating new applications for government funds as well as accessing financial resources unknown by others.

Oh, yes.  And rather than tell you what to do to improve your bottom line, etc., WE DO THE WORK.  WE MAKE IT HAPPEN.  You enjoy the journey - and most of all, you enjoy what we harvest.

If you're looking for a firm to interview your employees, recommend you cut certain people and/or modify services, and then expect you to do virtually all the work (including cleaning up after the disruptions), then our company is not a good fit for you.

If you're interested in paying fees based on "opportunities identified" rather than on deposits made into your bank account, then our company is not for you.

BUT, if you like the idea of paying for performance, gaining a competitive advantage, seeing clearly the competitive landscape, and creating new strategic options, then US Consults is who you want and need.

If you've read this far, you want to know about our SOAR+ program.  There is no magic to it.  It is simply engaging us for a comprehensive initiative rather than a singular project.  Historically, most of our clients end up utilizing SOAR+, although many begin with a singular project focus.  This is to be expected, for one doesn't know what one doesn't know.  So how can one seek strategic options if he/she doesn't know there are any?

The deliverables from SOAR+ are measurable and financially significant.  All are the result of negotiations of discretionary benefits, including without limitation:

  1. Reduction in operating costs (direct, indirect and overhead)

  2. Reduction in investment costs

  3. Access to new capital

  4. Improved competitive position (and for many, a distinct competitive advantage)

  5. New strategic insights

Want to know more?  Contact us online, by email or simply schedule a free consultation.


An Eagle cannot soar with a Turkey on its back

Old Etruscan Proverb

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