We negotiate and deliver significant discretionary financial benefits for clients in the private and public sectors - benefits that provide our clients with a competitive advantage by eliminating  "non-controllable" and embedded non-value-added costs.  Principal cost areas targeted and improved include: (1) investment & acquisitions; (2) taxes & tariffs; (3) energy & utilities; and (4) employment & training.  Example: More than $750 million (grants - not to be repaid) negotiated and delivered to a private sector client investing a similar amount with jobs retained, but virtually no new job creation - enabling our multi-national client's first significant investment in the U.S. in over a decade. 






In essence, what we deliver to clients often is existential in scale and scope - that without our involvement, the future would have been profoundly less favorable for both client and counterparty.  We do not simply read and regurgitate programs and policies already in place.  Rather, we look to the underlying authority - the law - and to budgets, federal, state and local.  The truly significant benefits are not those publicized or published. They are enabled in statute - unshackled by the limits of non-legislated policy.  We say "negotiate and deliver" because there is no entitlement associated with the truly significant benefits.  They are granted only through negotiation - and our collaborative approach has proven effective time and again. 


In addition to the scale of the benefits we deliver, what sets US Consults apart is that we accomplish this through mining the benefits that exist in the overlap between the worlds of the private and public sectors.  In essence, we utilize our knowledge of the exotic and challenging terrain to mine and then refine the gold where others see empty hills or just insurmountable mountains.  We identify the opportunities - and we lead our clients to the lush valleys that can only be seen when led by someone with intimate knowledge of the mountains.


How do we do this?  We conduct and utilize extensive research and analysis to create the raisons d'état and d'être needed in the dialogue between our client and the enabler of the benefit.  We say "dialogue" because, unlike advocates who solely focus on the welfare of their client - making the interaction between the two parties adversarial - we focus on the ways each party creates new value for the other.  That is the value we communicate through the raisons d'état and d'être - making the interaction between the two parties collaborative, with each party understanding and gaining measurable and significant direct and consequential benefits.  In short, instead of sides in an argument - there is only one side (like in a möebius) - with both parties on the same side.  The result: making the impossible possible.

what we do

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why you need us



Your tax folks say, "We don't need US Consults.  Every year we have (insert CPA/tax consultant) audit each of our sites to ensure that we are not leaving anything on the table - to make sure we are claiming all of the deductions and exemptions we are allowed."  Security of tax jobs remains intact. (See our Open Letter to the C-Suite).

Your operations people say, "We don't need US Consults.  We just had McKinsey (Kearney, Little...fill in the name) evaluate our company from stem to stern.  They identified $20 MM in opportunities for us to work against.  We need to focus on doing what they recommended.   We paid them based on them identifying those opportunities.  We now must deliver them - and that money (whether or not the opportunities actually exist).  We have no time for anything else."  Security of operations jobs remains intact.  (See our Open Letter to the C-Suite).

Your real estate or government relations personnel say, "We don't need US Consults.  We just had (fill in a name) assist us with obtaining incentives and we plan to continue to use them.  They educated us and helped us get $10 MM in tax credits which we hope we will use in the future and some grant money for our $100 MM investment we're making in (fill in the location).  They did a great job.  We don't need anyone else."  Security of real estate and government relations jobs remains intact.  (See our Open Letter to the C-Suite).


The "Inconvenient Truth" is often used by those spewing propaganda rather than fact.  However, we can't think of a better way to get to the point: US Consults is unique.  Don't take our word for it - look at the results we deliver to our clients.  Compare the awards we've negotiated and delivered to our clients with what you have received.  Then ask your tax consultant for its written procedure for assessing whether all tax opportunities have been identified AND optimized.  Ask your management consultant for its written procedure for analyzing whether all subsidy opportunities have been identified AND optimized.

Give us the opportunity to generate a report of what was left on the table; better yet, let us actually deliver to you what was overlooked.  

We don't simply identify or create the opportunity - we capture it for you.  We don't just tell you what to do - we do it for you.  We don't divert or distract your resources - we are your additional resource.

We are different.  We are unique.  That's why our results are unique.  





Thomas Paine wrote, "These are the times that try men's souls."  Unfortunately, it seems that all too often those words ring true - and now is no different.

There are always challenges that face the people and their government.  War, pestilence, poverty and famine are all too familiar - are too much the constant companions and threats.

Today, faced with the challenges of the pandemic and economic uncertainty, it is easy to think of this as a unique time - one of insurmountable challenge.  But in reality, the challenge is just at one of its many crescendos, as the intensity of the challenges ebb and flow with time.

US Consults can make an almost existential difference to local government in this crisis, and long-term can make a profound difference in the welfare of the citizens.

Before going further, it is important to note two things:

  1. We do all the work.  You enjoy the journey and the fruits of our labor.  We use none of your resources.

  2. We take no credit.  We work quietly in the background.  The credit is yours.


So, what we can do for you?


Government has witnessed the evaporation of revenue.  This has caused an almost universal crisis - precipitating furloughs and reduction of services.

Would up to 50% of your annual tax revenues ease your pain?  If the answer is "Yes", then we may be able to help.


Would you like to help an existing business expand and improve its profitability - without cost to the other taxpayers?  If your answer is "Yes", then we may be able to help.

Would you like to attract new businesses and jobs - without cost to the other taxpayers?  If your answer is "Yes", then we may be able to help.

US Consults has unique capabilities and a proven track record of success in both the private sector AND the public sector.  In short, we know how to get the deal done - without adding cost or burden to residents or other taxpayers.  

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